The Adventure Begins…

After an easy 9 hour flight from Charlotte to Munich and a quick flight to the Czech Republic, I am safely in Prague!

Rewind 14 hours: My parents brought me to the airport and after a a few hugs and kisses, I was on my way….with ONE suitcase! Yes, I was able to pack for 45 days in one (slightly overweight) suitcase – my Simplicity girls would be proud! 

Checked in (window seat – score!), breezed through security with only a 10 minute wait and I was off to gate D12 – the normal routine of traveling. On-time status! I am always amazed that no matter what airline, what airport, what country….the boarding process is always frustrating. I won’t bore you….but the organizer in me doesn’t like the disorganization that is known as boarding a plane. OCD in full effect! Boarding completed, doors closed and we were off down the runway. Lufthansa’s personal entertainment iPads are amazing! Loaded with movies, music and games – I started with Little Miss Sunshine and then about an hour into the flight, they served something that resembled dinner…airplane food still leaves a lot to be desired! I know this will surprise a lot of you (note sarcasm) but I quickly fell asleep and slept through most of the flight. Sleep mask, ear plugs, travel pillow, compression socks….sounds attractive, huh? Before I knew it, we had landed in Munich, Germany. Through passport control and a really long walk to gate G38. Along the walk, I witnessed guys in Lederhosen and girls wearing Dirndl…..Oktoberfest is in full swing at the Munich airport! I also spotted a Bayern Munchen FC shop and thought of my nephew, Ethan.  I know it’s not Arsenal…but a footy shop nonetheless.

 A quick 2 hours later, I boarded my next flight from Munich to Prague, which ended being only about 40 minutes. I made my way to baggage claim and then on to meet the Tauck representative. A small group of guests had gathered and we all took a shuttle to the Intercontinental Prague Hotel. 

My room was ready and I settled in a bit…and took a nice, hot shower.  Showering after a long day of travel is underrated!  Ahhhh!

 I spent the next few hours just walking around a bit and enjoying the gorgeous weather. 

 I am excited to be here, while also a bit nervous about it all. I’m off to rest a bit before we head to the Lobkowicz Palace on Castle Hill.

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