Accelerated Sailing

My second training trip came to an end and my third training trip was about to begin. On my first two trips, I was the only trainee and I was paired with a specific TD (Tour Director). On this third trip, there is something called batch training. There will be 5 trainees and one dedicated … More Accelerated Sailing

Icing on the Cake

As we sailed away, Kati gave wheelhouse commentary on the beautiful Wachau Valley. After a relaxing afternoon and another delicious dinner, we arrived in Vienna, Austria around 8:30pm. Once the sailors secured the ship, we disembarked and boarded the coaches for a night drive around Vienna to see the illuminated “ring road.” It was quite … More Icing on the Cake

A Memorized Moment

Sunday marked the halfway mark of my 2nd training tour and I have to say that I am loving my new adventure and am excited about my new career path! We spent the morning on the ship, going through lock after lock after lock. Around 10am, Anke held a fun lecture called “German Language: How … More A Memorized Moment

If Only…

   On Saturday, we visited the town of Nuremberg, Germany (aka Nurnberg). Nuremberg is along the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal and is the second largest city in the German state of Bavaria, with a half million in population. Our guests could choose one of two tours: Medieval Nuremberg or World War II. I joined Kati on the … More If Only…

So Many B’s: Bratwurst, Bavaria, Beer and Bamberg

On Thursday, we had a choice of going to Wurzburg or Rothenburg. I joined Kati in Wurzburg, along with about 20 guests. Wurzburg is a city in southwestern Germany, in the state of Bavaria, on the Main River. It is a railroad junction, and industrial center, and the commercial hub of an agricultural region noted … More So Many B’s: Bratwurst, Bavaria, Beer and Bamberg

Small Town Girl

On Saturday, my stay at the Amstel and 4 day break in Amsterdam came to an end. Training trip #2 was about to begin.   The upcoming trip is 15 days long and will all take place aboard the MS Esprit. We will start in Amsterdam and end in Budapest. Similar to the last trip, there … More Small Town Girl